General Information

General Information

To strengthen the commercialization and industrialization of agricultural research results, the Council of Agriculture (COA) completed the preparatory works and established Agricultural Technology Research Institute (ATRI) on January 1, 2014.

Under the ATRI there are Animal Technology Research Center, Plant Technology Research Center, Aquatic Technology Research Center, Business Promotion Center, and Agricultural Policy Research Center respectively in charge of related affairs.

ATRI was formed by combining the following agencies:
DPIAB – Development Program of Industrialization for Agricultural Biotechnology
AgriTI – Office for Agricultural Technology Industry
ATIT – Animal Technology Institute Taiwan
COAT – Commercialization Office of Agricultural Technology

Mission and Task

To create a framework for the industrialization of agricultural technology and the development of entrepreneurship, provision of agricultural technology and commercialization/industrialization service to agribusiness, agricultural groups and farmers.


  • To work collaboratively with academia, other research institutes, and private sectors to develop innovative and useful technologies for commercial production.
  • To commercialize and industrialize agriculture research results.
  • To provide assistances to private sectors in strengthening competitiveness and promoting international markets.
  • To serve as an intermediary platform for policy think-tanks.
  • To combine all efforts in promoting the common interests in agricultural area. Facilitations of decision-making process to provide solid foundation for agricultural policies in all forms.