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XiangShan Campus

No.1, Ln. 51, Dahu Rd., Xiangshan Dist., Hsinchu City 300110, Taiwan R.O.C.


Take Freeway No.3 southbound, getting off at theXiangshan exit (108km), turn right to Hsinchu along the Zhonghua Rd (Provincial Highway 1) about 5 minutes, pass the Xiangshanrailway station. Make a right turn at the 3rd traffic light to cross the railway. Immediately make a left turn at the first T-shape intersection. Go up hill to approach the main gate of A.T.R.I.(XiangShan Campus). The security at main gate will direct you to the office on the top of the hill.

ChuNan Campus

No.52, Kedong 2nd Rd., Zhunan Township, Miaoli County 350401, Taiwan R.O.C.


Take Freeway No.1 southbound to exit Toufen(110km), Turn right to Hsinchu along the Zhonghua Rd (Provincial Highway 1) about 2 minutes, And turn left on Kedong 2nd Rd. Via the first traffic light, the main gate of A.T.R.I.(Zhunan Campus) on the right hand.

Taipei Office

4F., No.14, Wenzhou St., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 106018, Taiwan R.O.C.


Take Freeway No.1, get off at Yuanshan(23km) and turn onto Jianguo Viaduct, take the exit toward Heping E. Rd., Merge on to Sec.2,Jianguo S. Rd., turn right onto Sec.2 Heping E. Rd., continue onto Sec.1 Heping E. Rd.,turn left onto Wenzhou St. to arrive at the Agricultural Research Center.
Take Freeway No.3, get off at Muzha(20km) and turn onto Freeway No.3(I), keep left to continue on Sec.3,Xinhai Rd.,follow signs for Xinhai Rd./Keelung Rd.,continue straight onto Sec.2, Xinhai Rd., turn left to stay on Sec.2, Xinhai Rd., continue onto Sec.1, Xinhai Rd., turn right to Wenzhou St. to arrive at the Agricultural Research Center..