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Multiple Benefit Products of Bacillus subtillis Y1336

   Devoting to agricultural biotechnology, Biontech Co., Ltd is engaged in the production of biopesticide, biofertilizer and feed additive. Biontech provides farmers with superior products for organic agriculture. Conducting the products into IPM system in different countries is an important mission. Developing foreign markets, Biontech wants to promote these excellent products globally. Biontech has succeed in obtaining biopesticide registration permits in many countries, such as Brazil, Japan, Turkey, Vietnam... etc. (countries listed in Table 1).

     Bacillus subtillis Y1336 is isolated from the soil in Taiwan and the foremost registered fungicide in Taiwan. In addition, Biontech became the first Taiwanese company which obtained biopesticide certificate in 2002.  B. subtillis Y1336 has a property as a fungicide which means it can compete with various plant pathogenic microorganisms and produce antibiotic to prevent crops damage. The targets of B. subtillis Y1336 are soil borne and foliar diseases. B. subtillis Y1336 has been registered as two products, BioBac® WP and BioSol® AL.

Table 1. Commercial Product of Bacillus subtillis Y1336 information in different countries​

Table 1. (continued). Commercial Product of  Bacillus subtillis Y1336 information in different countries​

Table 1. (continued). Commercial Product of  Bacillus subtillis Y1336 information in different countries​

Table 1. (continued). Commercial Product of  Bacillus subtillis Y1336 information in different countries​

Table 1. (continued). Commercial Product of  Bacillus subtillis Y1336 information in different countries​

Application of Hyperspectral Imaging to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Biofertilizer on Plant Growth

  Evaluating the effectiveness of fertilizer through comprehensive tests on crop yield, nutrient analysis, and soil analysis takes a long time. It might hinder the progress of fertilizer development. Over the last few years, the hyperspectral image analysis was conducted to evaluate nutrient composition and health condition of plants. Therefore, ATRI collaborates with Taiwan HiPoint Cooperation to develop a hyperspectral imaging and analysis system for preliminary evaluation of the effect of fertilizer on plant growth. With high resolution hyperspectral image data, we can accelerate the evaluation process of fertilizer and as in biofertilizer. 

    Ghost pepper plants with different compound biofertilizers at three-day post treatment are demonstrated in pseudocolor images in Fig.1. Leaves with warmer color represent plant in better health condition, by contrast, cooler color means plant in poorer health condition. Comparing to the conventional evaluation process which might take weeks to several months (depends on types of fertilizers and varieties of plants) to visualize and quantify the difference between treatments, the study shown below only need three days to distinct the difference between treatments. Among three treatments, the plant with treatment B shows in the healthiest condition via computing hyperspectral image data which correlates the conventional evaluation results two weeks after (data not shown).

Fig. 1. Pseudocolor spectral image of ghost pepper with biofertilizer treatments.

Shiny Gem - Cherry Tomato

  Cherry tomato is considered one of the most important Taiwanese breeding items. Due to its high sweetness and fantastic taste, it earns great international popularities in recent years and demands for new varieties is increasing. Taiwan is located in the tropical and subtropical regions. The geographical environment and climate make it suitable for breeding disease-resistant and tolerant varieties. In addition, Taiwan's breeders are more focused on the high-yield, disease-resistant and easy-to-cultivate characteristics. Besides research inputs from the agricultural sector and academic institutes, private companies have also selected a number of excellent varieties suitable for growing in the Asian region (described below). For more details, please visit the Taiwan Seed Service website.

      Determinate tomato, med-small dark green leaves, well-branched, med-short internode, single or multiple flower clusters, jointed fruit peduncle and easy to pick by hand, green shoulder, long oval fruit shape, weighting 12-13 grams, brix 9%. Fruit turns red early, bright red to deep red. Moderate bacterial wilting and heat tolerance. Very strong and resistant to cracking. Excellent variety for growing in greenhouse over summer period, suitable for long-distance container transport and export.

。TO-4111 GOLDEN SWEET (橙蜜香)
      Strong and indeterminate plant with short internode. Good heat and salt stress tolerance, resistance to ToMV and strong TYLCV (Ty-2) tolerance, multiple wide clusters, olive-shaped fruit, weighting 20 grams, with good looking long calyx, the orange-yellow fruit has no green spots at ripening and turned deep orange at maturity. Thick flesh with 14-15% Brix, cracking tolerant, long shelf life. Very unique flavor with less residue, high beta-carotene, suitable for small packages, high prices in supermarket.


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