B&B e-Paper

B&B e-Paper

B&B E-Paper No.3

Effective Solutions for Bacterial Wilt and Fusarium Wilt Diseases

  The growth of fresh fruits and vegetables are crucial to applying a good control agent to manage the pest during production. The Solanaceae is essential crops for ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat food. Bacterial wilt disease, caused by Ralstonia solanacearum (Rs), is one of the most devastating diseases on the Solanaceae. On the other hand, Cucumber Fusarium wilt, caused by Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cucumerinum (Foc), is one of the most devastating disease on cucumber. Until now, there are no effective chemicals for the above two disease control.

     In Taiwan, Kaohsiung District Agricultural Research and Extension Station has developed a biopesticide with Bacillus amyloliquefaciens PMB01 to effectively control Rs and Foc diseases. The whole genome shotgun sequencing revealed that PMB01 harbors genes involved in the biosynthesis of cyclic lipopeptides, bacillibactin and bacilysin, which might collectively contribute to its biocontrol activity. Toxicity test demonstrated that PMB01 was not toxic to mammals.

     The technology and the large-scale fermentation system for B. amyloliquefaciens PMB01 strain have been transferred to a local company, Jianon Enterprise Co., Ltd. in 2014 hence has registered as a bio-fungicide in 2015. Saviour® (AL 1x109 CFU/mL) and Busters® (WP 1x109 CFU/g) are registered bio-fungicides products.

.Jianon Enterprise Co., Ltd.

     Jianon Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a pioneer, who introduce the first bio-insecticide, Bacillus thurgensis, to Taiwan. And currently, Jianon has hold the only product of nuclear polyhedrosis virus (NPV) in the bio-insecticides industry in Taiwan. In the past few years, Jianon Enterprise Co., Ltd. has successfully transformed from an importer to a producer with their own bio-fungicide agents. Jianon Enterprise Co., Ltd. has entered the Vietnamese market in Southeast Asia for nearly a decade, and has cooperated with Indonesia, Malaysia, India and other markets for analysis and evaluation. In addition, B. amyloliquefaciens PMB01 is testing on several diseases of coffee and pepper in different countries in ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations).

Fig. 1. Using Busters® dilute to 200X (106 CFU/g) to control bacterial wilt (Rs) of tomato. Fig. 2. Using water as control.
Fig. 3.Using Saviour® dilute to 200X (106 CFU/g) to control Fusarium wilt (Foc) of cucumber. Fig.4. Using water as control.

Commercial Biofertilizer and Biopesticide (B&B) Products of Taiwan

      Biopesticides and biofertilizers are the natural, environmentally friendly alternative to chemical pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. Biofertilizers can make better soil condition, healthier plants growth, and enhance sustainable environment. By the late March 2019, there are 33 biofertilizer licensed products. The products’ functions include phosphate solubilizing, potassium solubilizing and root function reinforcement in the soil (Table 1).

Table 1. The list of commercial biofertilizer products of Taiwan

  Up to today, a total of 40 biopesticides (microbial pesticides) licenses has been issued in Taiwan, including 22 bio-insecticides (Table 2) and 18 bio-fungicides (Table 3). Among all 40 biopesticides (microbial pesticides), bio-insecticides of Bacillus thuringiensis which consists 21 kinds is the most abundance, followed by bio-fungicides of Bacillus subtilis that consists of 10 kinds.

Table 2. The list of commercial bio-insecticide products of Taiwan

Table 3. The list of commercial bio-fungicide products of Taiwan

   If you need any further information on commercial cooperation or product supply, please feel free to contact the editor, and regarding the application techniques ATRI also can assist if needed.

Information service of Taiwan commercial seed

  From the“Taiwan Commercial Seed Information Service” website that you could find variety of seeds.The seeds are categorized into Agronomy and Horticulture two sections. The former includes Brassicaceae, Cucurbitaceae, Solanaceae and others. The later includes bedding plants, herb, pot flower, turf and green manure crop seeds.

    The web site also provides suppliers lists. The list provides general contact information, and best-seller. The seed you need can also be found more efficiently by the queries of products and/or suppliers.

     In addition, the database has a seedling library, which includes references related to marketing information and trade regulations. Also, the information of development of the seedling industry, exhibition activities, related news, and latest version of the regulations of Taiwan are also provided. The purposes of the database to help the use to follow up the industry and future trends. Interested personals are all welcome to use.

Seek Now >> Taiwan Commercial Seed (http://tssb2b.tss.gov.tw)

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